Christian Tours of Atlanta

  "Transforming Lives, One Bus at a Time"

Growing Closer to God
Is not the result of Trying Harder...but "Surrendering More"

Saving our Earth
As we journey over the road, learn why it is so important be a part of saving our earth and becoming Green.


Our tours are designed to learn about changing lives for Christ, saving souls, churches, conferences and events, along with applying  the Good News to your daily life.  Christian Tours of Atlanta welcomes you, your family and friends.

mission & vision

No tour is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time necessary to connect and advocate about Our Father, Our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ during every tour or bustrip.

CHRISTIAN TOURS OF ATLANTA - CHANGING LIVES for christ, one bus at a time!

Working in tourism was supposed to be a short-term commitment. As I surrendered, it has become my purpose, ministry, and a life-long journey. I'm so fortunate that God has chosen me to assist in impacting the lives of others, while exploring his beautiful world and partnering with some of the most passionate men and women for God around the globe."

Good day!  



  1. 2017Christian Tours of Atlanta - Purpose/Passion
  2. 2011 - Savannah Sewing Academy - was devoted to the teaching of sewing by industry standards, fashion incubator, and fine arts in the community.
  3. 2009 -GOGREENTOURS - Tour, Travel, & Transportation Company, advocating and specializing in creative green tours & travel designed to increase awareness about our environment.
  4. 2007-Giovair's Galleries of Art - offered the Artists and the community a way of viewing all of the “Arts” through visual, music, poetry, dance, fashion, theatre, culinary and performance. www.giovairsgalleries,com
  5. 1995 -Sunn Tours by Lisa was birth.  "Specializing in Creative Tours." Bus Packages ranged from Sports Groups, Church Groups, Corporate,  Social Groups and city tours.

"Living in God's Amazing Grace"

ABOUT US/founder

Praying for People Around the World

Join us on the National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 4, 2017

our new project

We are prayerfully opening God is Green Christian Academy.  Donate Today as we trust and believe in opening our school  in 2018. More Information coming soon!!

Restoring Families

Let's break the chains of generational curses, restore our families, and begin creating legacies.  Travel with your family Today!